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CO2 Hoax… is it a hoax, new religion or is it true.

I spend the last 8 months, posting on social media about climate change, to see what the CO2ers believe and how rational they are.

Well most are not, let alone realistic here is some of their rational:

  • When it comes to scientists, only those who are advocating Global Warming are correct. No other scientist is accepted, they re considered fake, despite their papers are peer reviewed.
  • When it comes to factual weather events, all extremes are now caused by Global Warming. Even extreme colds. 
  • The sun has nothing to do with the weather. Despite the fact that the IPCC is now including small parts of solar activity in their models.
  • Global Warming models are accurate and indisputable. Despite the fact that they are based upon weather models (not climate models) and that the scientists who work with them say they are not accurate.
  • Weather that shows cold records are broken, is weather not Climate. Weather that shows heat records broken is climate.
  • All reporting on cold weather or weather that does not fit the Global Warming trend is right-wing propaganda, Murdoch driven and not real.
  • Responsibility, it is not personal it is the government that needs to fix it.
  • When asked about CO2 and what the perfect or goal level should be there is no clue. Some say 280ppm is ideal. Obviously, they have not done science as plants need a bit more than that for good growth. 
  • When questioned about the writings in all/any religious scripture about green pastures, that are now sandpits, how that can happen prior to the industrial revolution. Most return a blank look. When you tell them that the rainfall in those areas are on the increase again, and most likely will turn green again. That is when they most likely “loose” it.
  • CO2 causes this radical weather here in AU, yet an article from 1848, when a journalist was still reporting the truth, shows otherwise. 

But the CO2 is so high it is dangerous. Is it?

Actually the CO2 is quite low at the moment here in Dayboro the CO2 is 462 PPM and the average CO2 for Dayboro is 466.42 PPM.

According to NASA this level (415ppm) was also present during the Pliocene period. There are also reports that the CO2 was 10 times higher way way back, when the dinosaurs roamed, a period known to have a very high diversity in plants and animals. It is the period that is the source of our fuel.

CO2 is not all that bad, it is plant food so to speak. Interestingly enough, the climate models are so accurate that they cannot replicate climate or weather that occurred in the past…. (go figure). 

So when it comes to CO2 specific to human activity that might impact the climate… I am very sceptical especially now so many jobs, funding, grants and egos rely on it to be true. 

Just a small selection, why YOU should be skeptical about all this CO2 "news".