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Dayboro June Cold Weather


Australian’s have suffered an historically EARLY start to Winter 2020, with wave after wave of brutal Antarctic air riding anomalously-far north on the back of a meridional (wavy) jet stream flow–a phenomenon associated with a sharp decline in solar activity.

Even according to NOAA’s own warm-mongering, UHI-ignoring Global Data Toolthe Aussie continent set a total of 110 new daily record LOW temperatures during the month of May (to the 29th), versus just the paltry 7 for record HIGH.

Unfortunately, and acting as a further depressant on society’s ability to think-critically, this data-led FACT will be excluded from any mainstream media article, as it will from any science teacher’s Monday morning sermon

The imparting of knowledge is not the aim of these institutions. The MSM and education system is bought and paid for, and if you haven’t figured that out by now (with all this COVID nonsense) then there’s probably no hope for you anyway. Whatever agenda those-on-high want pushed, they have the perfect platform to push it. And the dutiful many that have been molded from as young as of 4 or 5 into compliant, brainless sacks of meat & bones will toe whatever line is drawn for them, and then themselves will police that line, reporting others that step over it as sacrilegious heretics — those brave black sheep among us that do battle against the grain are condemned, slandered, de-platformed, and reported to the appropriate authorities, without even a sniff of their day in court.

Now do not jump on the bandwagon of GSM (Grand Solar Minimum) as it is portraited in the MSM. Sure it is going to get a bit colder as part of the solar cycles and weather will be a bit … well odd. We will NOT slip into an ice age or mini ice age. What we do get is shorter grow periods due to the degree days….. 

Anyway.. it is coldish and will be for a little while. Look at the bright side…. Northern UK might see SNOW… and it is SUMMER there.