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15-16 Jan 2021 a hot one again

15-16 Jan 2021 a hot one again

As you can see from the image above, 15-16 Jan 2021 a hot one again. Just keep an eye on your animals (especially your pet cows), with the high humidity content in the air it will be harder for them to cool down. 


Soil moisture

This morning I did some rotary hoe work and put some seed in. Very surprised to so see how dry the top layer of soil is already. 

The image below shows the 53 centipose at 10cm and 200 at 60cm. Safe to say that the groundwater table is not being replenished anytime soon. 



Any rain soon?

The GFS model shows a bit of rain heading our way, not much in my opinion, although Monday looks good. There will be some good thunderstorm activity on Monday. 

The possible cyclone they are talking about will be a non-event. (So much of BOM’s increased cyclone activity due to globalwarming/climate change). 

15Jan Rainforecast gif

Global Warming


At the moment the Summers average mean temperature is hovering 0.3C above average and well below last years. This lines up with the Global Temperature. 

The graph below shows the T Departure from ’81-’10 avg in C. You can see a MASSIVE drop in temperature in Dec 2020. (Despite the increase in CO2 ). It is now waiting for the January temperatures, to see if this trend continues. 


More about current weather around the globe can be found at Electroverse and The Watchers. These sites report on ACTUAL events, not on lab studies or what might or might not happen. These are actual events happening. 

For example: 

  • Freezing temperatures in Saudi Arabias Asir for the first time since 1971.
  • Ice covers deserts in Algeria
  • Dal Lake, Srinagar records coldest night in 30 years.


Folks will say that this is because of Human Caused climate change….. however, no explanation will be given to them how these events also happened well before their global warming hoax.  Yup, Global Warming causes snow and extreme cold…. sure… and so does increased CO2… sure… which gas will be next????

Crop losses

This brings me to crop losses and why I been advocating for decentralisation of crop growing and promoting that you should start to grow your own. 

  • Hong Kong had some seriously cold weather. Causing crop loss
  • Japan is under a mountain of snow, most likely will impact their spring planting
  • Spain experiencing cold temperatures most likely will cause crop loss