Analysing, reviewing and recording weather patterns in Dayboro since 2004. Challenging the main stream climate change thought, by being objective and providing facts.

November Rain Fall

As November 2019 draws to a close, we have a look at the rainfall… or the lack there off.  It has been dry, no need to tell anybody as we all see it.

November average rainfall

As you can see it is well below level, in October we did not register any, in November it is sown 64mm. The question I get a lot is …. “Is this going to continue?”.
The answer is Yes, it is at least for another 3.5yrs. It does not mean we do not get rain, it means when we get it it will be short and in bursts.

Back in 2015 I mentioned to get some tanks, clean your dams or make them bigger, find ways to store water. We will get rain, the periods between rain will be longer, hence storage is the key.

We might get some reasonable rain early Dec. 2019

Is it Global Warming?

No it is not, there is a reason why Global Warming is not called Global Warming anymore. It is a hoax.

What folks forget is that back in the 60sh and 70sh all science pointed to cooling. Steps were take to warm the globe, to prevent an ice age….. Well so science said, a solar cycle later…. it is the opposite. The same science and institutions now want to cool the planet.

Either what they did in the 70sh worked really well. Or we as humans have no impact on climate at all.

Is it Climate Change?

Yes it is, nothing we did or have done. Just the normal cycle. The thought that we humans can impact global climate is just …. well silly. Even more silly is to think it is caused by Human produced CO2.

The climate has change for years, it got colder, it got warmer, it got colder. I guess that is why all the Pro-Global Warming graphs start at 1979 so they do not have to show the cooling prior to that.

So what causes the climate changes….. “It is NOT you, it is NOT CO2… it is the SUN”