Analysing, reviewing and recording weather patterns in Dayboro since 2004. Challenging the main stream climate change thought, by being objective and providing facts.

We are now 0.01C below the 30C average, and 0.6C below what the temp was last year in March…. Can’t wait to to hear what the usual suspects will say about that.. They will claim.. uhhh it is weather not climate sure…. 

It is not my job to convince you, it is not my job to educate you..that is YOUR job. I do recommend you read up on GSM as it is well and truly here… as said it would. 

Oh.. how is this rain turning out for you, as warned back in July 2020 when I said it be wet just about now… looks like that was not far off. Same with some other predictions… they are actually not predictions…. just good old analysis of facts. Facts that the MSM is not telling, do yourself a favor and go back to statements made by the BOM about this summer and cyclone season….. 


Start growing your own food… it is that simple.