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September 2020 Rain and Temperature

It has been dry, but you know that. Lets start with a picture and then we can talk about what, why and what is in store…..

Dayboro Rain Temperature

As Australia has been running for cover, trying to hide from the CoVid-19(84 hoax), the weather has been doing exactly as expected for the cycle we are in. 

A few yrs ago I wrote about the grand solar minimum, the weather and rain patterns we are about to enter. The greening up of the areas that, and you can read that in the scriptures (koran, bible etc), of the big food-producing areas of “back in the day, when Jesus was playing footy for Jerusalem”. It is happening.

Plenty will still believe in the CO2 drama and that we as humble “ants” have any type of influence on the global weather patterns. As time will progress all that “false and single side science (RCP 8.5)”  will fall apart. 

Back to our Dayboro Weather

So it’s been, dry you’re not kidding. I generally just “bum along” at my little Dayboro Micro-Farm in the making, not paying to much attention to the rain gauge. 

It is when I leave my little bit of paradise (drought proofed that is) and see Dayboro Water Carriers doing “burn-outs” around town to help as many folks they can. That I go, hmm it must be dry…. 

Sure enough, it is dry. 

512mm less then the average rainfall we get here in Dayboro. Most folks will be blaming CO2 and all that stuff, the fact is that it is climate change, not because something we did it is because of the Solar Cycles. 

Sure enough, we can talk about that for yrs, CO2 believers are … well exactly that believers, it is not up to me to change their minds. It is up to yourself to find the facts. 

The rain patterns are shifting and for us here in Dayboro means that we get different rain patterns. As I have mentioned over the last few yrs is, get tanks, get your dams sorted as we will get the same/or similar amount of rain in shorter periods. 


What will October look like? 

As we progress into Oct 2020, I expect some good rain mid and end of October, fingers crossed. It is time for your to clean those gutters and get ready for some serious rainfall in March/April 2021. 


For now.... start growing your own veggies if you can. We going to be in for a chilly ride into 2035.
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