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Snow gone in AU by 2020

No more snow in AU

When I read that article I cried…. I poored my eyeballs out…. NOOOOO not the snow. I love skiing, we generally go every second year, enjoying the snow. 

But MSM says it is a thing of the past, no need to deny it. If the MSM says it is so…. well then it is so. Not only that 97% of science agrees that climate change is causing the planet to warm. But is it???


2020 and there is still snow in AU

Ok, sorry I use the same tactics as the MSM and hype things up, still, snow is snow. Science is science, no grey here. Just black and white. 

2020 Snow Spencers Creek

Yes 2020 saw less snow than 2019, and the season looked a bit shorter. Still snow was there and plenty. 

How can you believe in the science if they predict future, that is not science that is more a religion thing. Also all the hype, as this example shows, needs to be dialled down and become more realistic. 

Gone are the days that journalism was honest, fact-checking and non-biased. Journalists nowadays are just cut and paste folks in my view. No fact-checking going on at all….. (exceptions confirm the rule, I do generalise a bit here)

I remember a conversation with someone on social media, he was a journalist. His statement was that I was not allowed to say things about the climate because I was not a journalist. Journalist is the only authority on Climate Change…. Yup…..that is working out ok I guess.